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Procedure for Roll Call


Roll Call takes place at the beginning of first period each day.

Students late for first class must report to the teacher on duty in order to be marked in. The teacher on duty will sign your journal. On entering class please show your signed journal to your teacher.

Students late after first class must report to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head in order to be included on the roll, and get their journal signed.

In the event of a pupil being absent from school through illness or for any other reason, the class teacher should be informed in writing on the pupils return to school.

Returning to school after an absence A note should be placed in the student’s journal in the absence notes section. Please clearly indicate the reason for the student’s absence from school and the note must be signed and dated. On return to school the student hands the note up at roll call. It is extremely important that the student provides this note as it is recorded on the schools system for attendance.

Procedure for signing out of the school during the day

If it is necessary to take a student from school during the school day, it is recommended that this be done during our break or lunchtimes. This will reduce any disruption to teaching and learning. The following are the steps involved in signing a student out of school.

  • If you know in advance that your son/daughter will need to leave the school during the day you should put a note in their student journal before he/she comes to school. The note should give a clear reason for signing out as well as the time that he/she will be collected at and if the student will be returning to school or not.
  • The student shows the note to their subject teacher when they are leaving class. The student presents himself or herself to the office at the time indicated on the note, the note should be handed into the office for school records. A parent/guardian should be there to sign his/her child out of school.
  • Any person collecting a student on behalf of the parent/guardian will only be permitted to take the student if the parent has contacted/notified the school in advance.
  • Where a child is signing back into school for example if the child has attended a dental appointment earlier in the day, then the student is required to sign back into school he/she must report to the office on return to school.
  • In the case of unforeseen circumstances the parents should contact the school directly on 059/6471198 to inform us that your will be collecting your son/daughter.
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