Student Care
The school is organised in such a way that each individual student is cared for so that his or her potential is maximised. We will care for and challenge your children to use their talents to be the best that they can be.

Each class is looked after by a Class Teacher who works closely with the Year Head, who has overall responsibility for all classes within the year group.

Together with the Principal and Deputy Principal, Year Heads and Class Teachers work hard to help students get the most from their education at Coláiste Eoin.

The curriculum offered in Coláiste Eoin aims to meet the needs, interests and abilities of its students. The curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to progress to further and higher education or to enter the world of work. Students are challenged to grow academically, socially and personally in their development in an inclusive and caring teaching and learning environment.

Pastoral Care
The school has a Pastoral Care Team that provides support and guidance for students. We pride ourselves on the close contacts we have with our students. As the school is of medium size, teachers are enabled to know students individually. In addition, each class has a Class Teacher responsible for the welfare of students in that class. Regular staff meetings are held where the progress of students is discussed. The Class Teacher also liaises with other members of the pastoral care team including the deputy, principal, and school chaplain. As a result, difficulties that may arise for individual students are quickly noticed and acted on before serious problems develop.

Bullying behaviour is not acceptable in Coláiste Eoin. Teachers make a special effort to ensure that all cases of bullying are taken seriously and investigated by the school. We believe everyone has the right to grow in a positive environment. This right extends to all members of our school community.

Why not check out a bullying awareness video produced by our first year students as part of our of Anti-Bullying Week in Coláiste Eoin?

Students are encouraged to pick the subjects for which they have the greatest aptitude. Consequently, boys have the option of studying Home Economics and girls – Materials Technology (Wood), Metalwork and Technical Graphics. Personal development classes are provided for students. All classes have representation on the Students’ Council.

Career Guidance
Career guidance is provided for students. The Guidance teacher is also on hand to counsel and support students.

Student Council

At Coláiste Eoin we encourage students to take part in the development of school policies and procedures. Every year, two representatives are elected from each year to form a Student Council. Anyone can put themselves forward to be elected.

Once elected the council nominates a treasurer, a secretary and a chairperson. The elected representative acts on behalf of the year group. The chairperson manages the Student Council and chairs meetings. If students have any issue they think the council should address, they should talk to their class representative.

Coláiste Eoin strongly encourages participation in the Student Council and to make your voice heard. This fosters a greater sense of belonging and equips students with strong democratic skills.

Every year ten Leaving Certificate students are selected through interview for a leadership programme that works in supporting first year students to successfully make the transition to secondary school. 6th Year Meitheal Leaders deliver a programme of activities and events that enhance first year students experience of Coláiste Eoin.

Meitheal Leaders 2016/2017
Bethany Sharpe, Sean Deery, Josh Bowes, Cormac Malee, Padraig O’Toole, Steven Coogan, Katie Smith, Catherine Kearney, Sean Ansell, Edel Byrne