The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

The LCVP is an additional educational programme in the Established Leaving Certificate. The LCVP offers a Leaving Certificate with a strengthened vocational dimension. This programme subject provides students with the opportunity to release their potential for self-directed learning, for innovation and for enterprise. In terms of its educational approach, the vocational dimension is strengthened by the emphasis within the LCVP on:

  • active learning or learning by doing
  • students learning more about how they learn and taking greater responsibility for their own learning
  • cross-curricular and inter-disciplinary activity – students learning across subjects as well as within subjects
  • core skills central to achievement in further study, future employment and enterprise, particularly communication skills and information technology skills
  • knowledge and understanding of the local community and region as a social and economic resource

LCVP includes:

Enterprise Education,
Preparation for Work and
Work Experience.

It is intended that through these benefits, LCVP students will generally be more employable, in a better position to set up their own business, and have skills and attitudes which will enable them to be more effective learners in the further education they receive at third level.

LCVP students have the same or enhanced opportunity to proceed to universities and colleges as the student of the established Leaving Certificate with Institutes of Technology but the Universities recognising the points scored in the LCVP Link Modules for entry purposes.